things you may be curious about

► What did the old name, 'succiko' mean?
To those that have known us since 2014, you'll know that shelf wasn't our original company name. Formerly known as succiko (pronounced "sah-chee-koh"), the old name was a portmanteau of 'succulents' 'cacti' and 'compositions'. The name was inspired by and is meant to be pronounced in the same way as the name "Sachiko", which means "happy child" in Japanese.

► Why do what we do?
Our mission is in our name: to elicit the inner happy child out of our guests and the community through our work with succulents and other verdure. We all want to make the world a better place and we're hoping to make that happen in our day-to-day operations by:
- increasing awareness of drought-tolerant landscaping and environmental sustainability.
- improving mental health through aesthetic spaces and reconnecting people with nature.
- inspiring our guests to tap into their imagination and create something beautiful with the hope that their creations remind them to live everyday beautifully.

► When did shelf happen?
Short Answer: Summer of 2014
The concept for the succulent shop was solidified on Independence Day of 2014. We got the keys to the first store on Labor Day 2014. The retail store had its official Grand Opening on the day after Paolo's birthday in 2014.

► How was shelf conceptualized?
shelf (then "succiko") came to be in our efforts to create something beautiful out of, well... the unhappy. To find an escape from their daily duties Paolo and Darya loved visiting gardens and nurseries in their spare time.
► What is the company's current goals?
Aside from our day-to-day operations, our current goals (hopefully to be achieved within the next year or two) include:
- Sourcing new product lines made by amazing local makers. These offerings stress intricately designed small batches of accents and accessories created with our guests in mind.
- Increasing community ties through events collaborated with our business partners.
- Acquiring a space with an outdoor area dedicated to a garden.
- With the outdoor space, providing seating for our specialty coffee bar. The coffee bar will have simple, yet refined offerings of coffee and tea beverages with some light and healthy fares that will complement the drinks.

► What is shelf's design inspirations?
We love all things unusual and inspired by nature. When we come up/bring products in, our metric has always been the question: "Would I be happy to receive this as a gift?"

► What type of plants are at the shop?
Right now, our focus is on drought-tolerant greenery. That said, succulents and air plants have become our growing expertise. To entertain various tastes, we also have an assortment of other foliage like trees, ferns, and philodendrons. We always keep an eye out for interesting and uncommon plant species.

► How often do you get new stuff?
In general, our trips to handpick succulents and other foliage rotate every two weeks or so. shelf gets special/seasonal non-plant items shipped during random periods however. If you're looking for something in particular, you can send us a wishlist for items we should stock via our contact page. The Team is constantly coming up with ideas and inspirations for new offerings.