Beyond Business: A Serendipitous Encounter with Lohpi's Twin!

Hey readers,

Welcome to our first "Beyond Business" post!  These posts are a continuation of our about page, which are aimed to give you a better perspective of what inspires the succiko Team to do what they do.  Now without further ado...

Sutro Baths was our final stop after a long day of driving places to procure plants for the shop.  In our efforts to imbibe the last bit of sun rays and catch a little R&R, we perched on the ledge of the bath ruins as we nibbled on lunch we'd saved from earlier.  With a full stomach and feeling inspired to do some solo "exploring" (read: to hack Ingress portals), I (Paolo) trailed off elsewhere while Lohpi and Dasha went to look for a view "to appreciate" (read: to take some great pics).  Suddenly, I glimpsed upon Lohpi suddenly walking past me.  Save for the fact that Dasha wasn't holding the leash and this "Lohpi" wasn't doing his usual excited two-legged shuffle, I had to rub my eyes at the sight of this doppelgänger mirage.

Hastily, I rushed off to find the whereabouts of Dasha and Lohpi to:
1) make sure I hadn't wandered off into an alternate universe (A Rick & Morty reference -Happy BTTF Day!)
2) tell them about meeting up with the unbelievably cute twin of Lohpi

With part-delight and part-bewilderment, I climbed up some cliff sides (...oops guess I wasn't supposed to for my safety.  Safety First, Kids!) to where I glimpsed the whereabouts of my dear family when I proceeded thereafter to guide them for a surreal rendezvous with a twin Lohpi.

Needless to say, we met up with Jessica, the owner of Lohpi's twin, and the adorable ball of fluff that we've come to know as Sir Edward Snowball (Eddy for short).  Now, what is a rare encounter with Lohpi's twin without the two of them interacting?  They met, they played ...and they did dog things.  We whipped out our phones for the ensuing fluff-filled fun.

Let me tell you, Lohpi lohps was tired out from all the frolicking.  We're sure Sir Edward was too.  We just couldn't get over all the cuteness.
That said, we've definitely kept in touch since.  Jessica was super sweet to send us the cute gif as a memento.

Stay tuned for more Eddy + Lohpi adventures!

Throwback Thursday: succiko Sign

Wow have the times flown by.  Our good friend Alexey Dolotov sent us this vid of the very first time that the succiko lights were up and lit.  Now you can cherish this moment with us as if you were there too ...including the awkwardness and all.  ;)

Shoutout to dolotoVideo for this documentation of succiko's (and our) milestone.  This video is certainly an excellent reminder of how the little things can add a whole lot of light in our lives.

PS: The plug issue is no more.  This bad boy continues to light up at will.

Thumbnail Photo: Shelby Oliver