Post V-Day (Link) Lovin' & Comp Lab Features

We just want to put it out there: We love our guests.  We're not saying this just because it was Valentine's this month but rather because the community and its plant-philia truly is inspiring.  This post is dedicated to some of the cool succiko-related things you've done.

Foremost, shameless plug: succiko got featured in a blog!  Check out the post from theeverydaythoughts about their visit to the shoppe.  Thanks gals!  You're super sweet. :)

The interplay of light and shadows accentuates certain motifs of this piece.
Photo: Ramiro Barrera



Next is a photo of one of our compositions from recent first-timers, Ramiro and Lorrie.  The photo in itself prompts contemplation much like a museum exhibit would.  What sentiments does it evoke to you?  Be sure to let us know by commenting!

EDIT: By the way, your feedback on our work and goals today (2/26/15) is super motivating, Ramiro and Lorrie.  Thanks!




Photo: Kim Scaboo



Update: 3/4/15

Under direction from Kim Scaboo's creative, interior designer eye, the juxtaposition of colors between the matte white vessel and  Aeonium Zwartkops gives the centerpiece composition to the right a sense of balance. The color palettes behind the echeveria pulido, anacampseros sunrise and euphorbia tribunal (fire sticks) then unify and harmonize the composition.

 Tim and Rich after flexing their awesome artistic mind muscles in executing their creation.

Tim and Rich after flexing their awesome artistic mind muscles in executing their creation.







It's also been really fascinating to see how creative the community can get with their compositions.  succiko's "composition creationists", as we like to call our esteemed guests, come from all age ranges.  The youth, however, has been particularly fascinating  to see expressing their exuberance over the process and product of creating.

Guests have even enthusiastically submitted photos with their own custom compositions at our very own composition lab.  Case in point: Tim and Jill made this oh-so-thoughtful centerpiece.

Check out other guest-submitted inspiring compositions in their original habitat on our instagram page @succiko or #succiko.




Footnote:  For those wondering what we mean when we're putting out some "link lovin'", we got the idea from our absolute favorite lifestyle blog: MDA.  This blog partly influenced why we started succiko by the way.