Putting "social" out of media

When we started succiko, we created community objectives to promote healthier, happier living in Castro Valley.  One of our community objectives is to encourage an "unplugging" from the distractions of technology and promote a reconnection with nature.  Studies and our personal experiences support the finding that immersion with the natural world causes health benefits like reduced blood pressure and lower stress.
So then, just after the launch of succiko's floral design counterpart, we came to thinking (and also after some eager suggestions from our guests) that we should spread our excitement for the floral arts with the rest of the community.

Introducing succiko socials!

"succiko socials" are night events where the community can enjoy chill vibes and revel in the company of other cool individuals.  There are 2 types of socials that we have in mind: paid and community.

Paid socials begin with a formal class period where attendees will learn skills such as arrangement-making, plant care, and other design, home, and garden topics.  Q & A session to follow along with a nice informal chat time.

Community socials are small hang-outs with our frequent guests and works sort of like a small cocktail event or maybe pot-luck.  Specifics on the proceedings of community socials are yet to be sorted out but it'll certainly evolve based on its popularity and the community's input.

We're super excited about these socials and we hope we'll see you at our very first one that's coming up in 2015!  Stay tuned for details.