Firsties gratitude

Wow our first ever blog post!  It's been quite the ride getting the store up and running but now that things have wound down slightly, I want to acknowledge all the great people that made succiko happen.  Foremost my wife and puppy: your support and cuteness (not respectively) have given the strength and inspiration (again, not respectively) that succiko needs to be the shop that we envision.  Your ongoing encouragement will be instrumental to succiko's growth.

Next, family and friends for coming out and helping make the store what it is.  Special shoutout to Vadim Ryaguzov for totally transforming the Center location from literally floor to ceiling.  Another thanks goes out to Shawn Hughes for that really awesome A-frame that continuously lures people in.  Also thanks to Robert Souza of Castro Valley News for that amazing shout out that still keeps fresh faces coming to check us out.

Anyway, I should hold my horses -Thanksgiving isn't here yet...